Thank the Market for Ending Child Labor

For most of human existence child labor was the norm. Thanks to relatively recent advances in productivity in industrialized nations, most children are able to attend school and enjoy their childhood free from hard labor.

The Special Interest Problem

There are myriad problems that plague democratic government. One, in particular, is that in practice “the will of the people” actually means “the power of interest groups”.

Health Care Needs An Uber Revolution

When I was standing on the side of the road a dozen different drivers came up to offer me their service. I’d like to start seeing that in medicine. Just imagine if you had a health problem, and a dozen different doctors came to you to offer you their services.

Libertarianism as a Market for Governance

As long as people interact with others, rules which govern their behavior will be necessary. What often goes unnoticed, however, are the myriad non-state methods and institutions which create and alter the rules of our society.

Private Education: The Key to Educating the Poor

In underdeveloped nations, however, because society is much poorer, governments lack the resources to crack down on underground private schools. In his book The Beautiful Tree, James Tooley explored and researched numerous poor countries including India, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and China.